get started

My art-teacher always told me just to draw what i see. And i said:" thats exactly what i see!" So it's still hard for me not to draw a lot of monsters or nude woman on my sketches. Otherwise it is just relaxing not do think about what i draw, and just to trust my eyes. Not to draw whatcomes out or whats in my head and more just be, seating and drawing.

Anyway! Its a good training for me and i hope i can increase my sketchingskills. Just for to get started i draw while i was waiting for the bus at the Bus Station Wasenboden and a other day i draw while i was waiting in the tramway at the Hauptbahnhof till it leaved.

Thanks everybody for the warm welcome! And sorry for my "holpriges Englisch"


  1. Hey, das sieht klasse aus. Da kommen Erinnerungen hoch an unsere Zeit dort.

    Viele liebe Grüsse


  2. Nice! Cool to see other styles represented in the blog.
    And as Rob mentioned, feel free to write in German if you prefer.
    Looking forward to meeting you soon.

  3. danke Boris! und thanks Javier i like it to write in enlish, so for me its not a problem. rather for you, you have to read it that Way :-)

  4. No problem amigo! I'm spaniard, so English and German sound equally weird to me ; ) Keep up the good work.

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