Turin - Italien


in Deutschland


Noyon - France


Port-Royal des Champs

En répétition près de Paris, sur les ruines d'une ancienne abbaye, dont il ne reste qu'une chapelle et ce pigeonnier.


Sketching in Lucerne

In Lucerne there's a quite nice café on the shore of Lake Lucerne (or Vierwaldstättersee) called Luz. Here I couldn't resist sketch people fastly while drinking my tea.

Then I met Urs Lauber to see how he conducts his Urban Sketchers' course. People sketching is great to sketch as well.

On the way home. On the train another opportunity to sketch people... specially when they are using the mobile!


Country sketch, an old hut in Hohenrain

Just behind the building where I live is farmland. You really could feel like in an isolated farm far away, if not for the noise of the cars passing by. It's so nice to walk around and see how the crops change every year. I was hopping to see the beautiful canola fields again, but the crops need to rotate.
Instead of yellow fields, I found this interesting hut up the hill. A sympathetic farmer came to see what I was doing there... fortunately she enjoyed it! 


Country Sketch

Urban sketch in Switzerland... difficult to separate the country side from the urban areas... in Switzerland one can't see hard edges between city and countryside, what makes this country so charming! :-)
This idyllic landscape is just behind the building where I live in Hochdorf, in Canton Lucerne.


Im Laden

Ja, ich war heute bei Boesner, nur um einen Bildrahmen zu kaufen... plötzlich hatte ich Lust auf einen Tee und dann... ist ein Sketch geboren!


Baustelle in Affoltern a. A.


Spring in Horw

What a sunny Spring! So nice to observe people working in their garden, everything turning colourful again...

 At the lake in Horw (Vierwaldstättersee)