Better Late than Never!

Prompted by Andre, I make my first entry to this blog.  I participated in the 37th Worldwide Sketchcrawl on October 13th.  We were a small group of just 2!  I'm hoping for a larger group the next time.  We had fun walking through Zürich on a relatively warm day sketching the action of the Weinplatz Market and the view of the Fraumünster:


  1. Glad you met up and set out to draw. Nice sketches! Next time I really hope no sickness, family birthdays or other emergencies will keep me from joining you.

  2. The sketches turned out great! Amazing use of water colors.

  3. hi Maria, welcome and great to see you here :-) Great as well how your sketches are representing last Sketchrawl that I've missed unfortunately. And next time, I will join you too!

  4. Also, wenn es mir reicht, bin ich da gerne mit dabei, das nächste Mal!

    Und sehr schöne schwungvolle Bilder.

    Viele liebe Grüsse