Löwengässchen and Fronwagenplatz

The Löwengässchen in Schaffhausen. I was halfway through this sketch when I realized I could not draw all those windows facing each other at such an extreme distorted perspective. Quite a shame actually, its such a nice alley leading up to some of the nicest facades in town.

The other day, my colleague and I treated ourselves to a hot sunny lunchtime urban sketching session. We shared our marketplace bench with two elderly Spaniards who were talking about wives, sisters, marriage, money, Switzerland and Spain nonstop.
It must have been a strange sight, two younger ladies totally absorbed in their pen and paper work - and two chatty pensioners who would not stop to even catch a breath for a second.


  1. nice description of the atmosphere around you. Funny scene and interesting depth in the upper drawing.

  2. Lovely linework in the deep shadows. Nice calligraphy too!