Sketch crawl Bern

my first sketch crawl ever but definitely not my last. I was amazed how many people joined in sketching in January...was not sure for myself but wrapped in several layer's. We were sketching at Bern's market hall. A nice place to eat. If you have the opportunity to try those delicious Mango Lassie you have to hurry as it will be closed in May this year.

Afterwards we headed for the Natural Historic Museum. What a great place to sketch. I have to go there again. Could not decide what to draw first so started at the ground floor and went for the giraffes afterwards. I do now totally agree with fellow sketchers that use to sketch with headphones as for the weekend at least sitting next to the giraffes and the whale or elephant skeletons I had to manage drawing with lots of parents trying to avoid their children to climb onto the exhibits and lots of chatter...did I mention the flashlights... Definitely a great spot but I might revisited during the week :)

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