Great Exhibition!

Today I experienced a super exhibition with great ambiance.  Very inspiring artists displayed their work  at the Maag Halle.
I'm sure you will see much more about this very cool event from many other sources.  For me,  it was a very inspiring day full of new and motivating ideas.  Andre's sketches are even better live!

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  1. cool sketch, you were standing in the back of the big hall? it's a lot, I think I haven't even seen all of it. So many different ideas and styles. As you mention so many sources and creative approaches. I personally do not like all the same way. But some do deeply touch me. And some of the artists I could personally meet and talk to. Yesterday I was there only for a short time accompanied by my little son (painitng action on the wall was the best thing for him). No occasion really to sketch ;-) Today I will be back in the afternoon. I d' like to sketch some more.