Food and Exercise

Last night a couple of my colleagues met up for Japanese dinner in Zurich. It was so delicious it made me want to go travel to Japan and explore food, people and country right away. Mmmmmh!

Of course, after so much nice food, some exercise was in order today.

I needed to work some overtime, so it did not make any sense to go anywhere in between work and Pilates class. It took about 20 minutes to half an hour to sketch the view from the entrance to the Pilates studio. I would have loved to have enough time for some watercolor on this but for several reasons this will have to stay as it is. 
The main one being that I am too tired now. ;-)

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  1. Ich finde Deine Zeichnung ist auch ganz ohne Farbe sehr schön geworden! Mir gefällt das Rythmische von Holzwand und Lattenzaun. Toll!