Georg Fischer

Unfinished sketch from this morning.

Georg Fischer (abbreviated +GF+is a Swiss manufacturer of piping systems for water treatment and corrosion fluids, as well as oil and gas markets. +GF+ is a multinational corporation with 120 facilities around the world, 12,500 employees and US$ 4 billion in sales per year. The company's origins go back to 1802 when Johann Conrad Fischer (1773–1854) bought a mill in the Mühlental valley near Schaffhausen, Switzerland and developed a copper smelting works.


  1. Hi Monbaum, just this fresh touch of unfinished makes your sketch very convincing and alive. The parts of interest come forwards.

  2. unfinished? difficult to say... for me it is great as it is now! love the colours and the composition of roofs and bulidings im bedded in all that wonderful green! I like!

  3. Great viewpoint of this very interesting company!

  4. Hi Monbaum, if this picture isnt finished, i definitely never have fininished any of my pictures.