Fribourg, 41st Worldwide Sketchcrawl

Sketching people on the way to Fribourg until I got caught up talking to one of the passengers.

I think there was less than half an hour left before they packed everything up and were gone.
Boy they were quick about it!

It was so sunny and warm, there was no point in drawing much else than just shadows.

This is my favourite from today.

Sketching faces on the train home.
Then, my own face was sketched and I refrained from moving too much.

I am back from the 41st Worldwide Sketchcrawl in Fribourg, Switzerland, and I had a blast!
Not that I sketched an awful lot, but there were so many sketchworthy scenes around every corner that it was impossible to capture it all. Not at my speed of sketching anyways (I really need to get faster).

Fribourg is a city with a population of 36'600. It's medieval center is so well preserved as a whole that it is one of the largest in Europe nowadays. If you imagine every single French medieval house you have ever seen in real life or on TV, and put it in one place, you are in Fribourg. 

And the shop names in the most beautiful lettering! Kiosque, boulangerie, patisserie, auberge, laiterie, crêperie, joaillerie...
I do realize those are just regular shop names but once they look like this, it's a whole different story:

As a non-European, I imagine you'd pinch yourself in the arm every once in a short while to make sure this is real. And I am only talking about a tiny part of Fribourg I got to explore.

Wikipedia tells me there are so many places I have not seen: 
The inside of the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Nicholas and its stained glass windows, the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Art and History, the Swiss Museum of Marionnettes, the Swiss Sewing Machine Museum, the Gutenberg Museum and a beer museum.
I'll be back.

There must have been about 30 of us, one of which must have been the youngest Sketchcrawler I have seen so far - I was so happy she joined! 
I would have loved to spend more time with everyone, to know when they started sketching and how they came to join us today, if they did a group outing like this before etc. However, time was tight with so much to see and sketch (not being able to decide what to sketch, that is), the socializing bit was not first priority.

I still had to travel home for more than 2.5 hours, so I left along with André and Kristen to catch the four o'clock train.
Next time I book a hotel room and stay till the very end. Or until I have filled at least 10 pages.


  1. Schön. Und der Baum, der eigentlich so leise und zurückhaltend gemalt ist, gefällt mir in seiner Grosszügigkeit ganz besonders (hab' ich Dir ja vorher im Zug schon gesagt :-)

  2. Ich schliesse mich Andre an: der Baum mit dem Sketcher auf der Bank davor ist ein wunderschönes Bild. Du hast das Licht der Herbstsonne wunderbar eingefangen.
    Sehr schön finde ich auch das "Schattenbild" - just shadows... ;-)

  3. "There must have been about 30 of us, one of which must have been the youngest Sketchcrawler I have seen so far - I was so happy she joined!"
    She is my daughter. Thank you for her ;-)
    Didier Divorne, Renens VD