... and 52

My last post of the year. I'm happy I managed to fulfill last's year resolution: posting at least one sketch a week. I've learned from the exercise and I've got quicker at sketching but at times making it a duty took the fun out of drawing. On one hand I think it's a pity to give up the habit, on the other hand I don't want it to become a burden. Anybody willing to take up the baton so that I can relax and post once a month :-)?

Anyway... happy 2014 to everyone!


  1. We've enjoyed every one, Javier! Thanks for that. Can't say I could post every week but will try to do the occasional one. Regular sketching is good practice.

  2. Thank you Maria! Actually a lot of people posting occasionally would be nicer than fewer people posting on a regular base.

  3. I'm glad too about your contributions! hopefully you will go on posting - doesn't really matter in what frequency.