More Dr. Sketchy with Nini de Paris

I was in Basel while this event took place, and was very happy to have been able to participate. Nini de Paris was very expressive in her poses and costume, which made her fun to draw. The organizers mentioned that they might begin an event closer to Geneva. I hope that happens! I've missed drawing the model since moving here.


  1. I love your style, so energetic and so free !
    Regarding Dr. Sketchy's, it's a kind of a franchise, you can open your own branch in Geneva, if you want...
    I would love to open one in Zurich, if anybody interested in the project ;-)

  2. your drawings are really great, very expressive!
    It's funny, there were three of us, you, Urs and me... but not knowing each other, we didn't get in touch.