43. Sketchcrawl in Neuchâtel

As one can guess, Easter Saturday brought cold and a bit of rain to our National Sketchcrawl.  We still enjoyed sketching the beautiful (even in bad weather) city of Neuchâtel.  Here a view of the rooftops above the city:

We sketched until we froze and had to flee to the warmth of the Natural History Museum where we saw a very interesting exhibition:

Then of course a quick photoshoot at the cafe as I had to catch my train. 

Not as many sketchers as usual but still a good group.  Looking forward to the next time we can get together to sketch, hopefully not on a holiday weekend!


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  1. What a good report of the sketchscrawl at Neuchatel! I like your view of the rooftops, I know Neuchatel and recognize easily the exact place you were drawing so charmingly and your insects
    are very special, kind of exact scientific drawings.