my lonely Sketchcrawl

I had seen the post of the sketchcrawl in Bern. And I thought how nice you were organizing an event. But I had to take care of the kids and some other duties did not allow me to travel and participate. So at least I took my chance and sneaked away late in the afternoon before I went to Migros for shopping.

I am very happy to find this beautiful place next to the river just a few footsteps away from home: a place to take a swim and for a drink afterwards. Usually in summer it's very crowded on a Saturday. As it was a bit cloudy it wasn't. But I enjoyed my time, thinking of you other guys in Switzerland, Singapore and all over the planet doing the same as it was an official Sketchcrawl date.

If I am sketching a place like here the living atmosphere is strongly related to the people. Especially as I was sitting in the middle. When I was sketching often along Langstrasse two years ago I found architecture as a subject just could explain part of the typical atmosphere. The other was the people representing it.

But people are no static subject to draw. So my sketch is like a time lapse of who sat there one moment and left the other. Or worst case: leaving while still drawing. But I remember well Melanie Riem saying during a workshop on a marketplace in Lisbon that nobody but yourself could remember later whether the guy wearing a t-shirt (who unfortunately left before you were finished) has been combined with an other persons pants and shoes. No other chance than to improvise as long as the scenery is represented in an adequate way.


  1. Well done Andre! Drawing people "live" is always a challenge, exactly because they move (and leave) and we need to handle with improvisation. That's the fun of the sketching!
    It was impossible for me to go to Singapore this year as well, but I'm very happy to hear that the next Symposium will take in Manchester UK! :-)