Last weekend in London

With the courses during the week I just had the weekends to go somewhere to sketch. It was always difficult to decide where to go, in a city with so many things to see (and to draw!) My last weekend in London was fortunately sunny and warm, but unfortunately too short! :-(
On Friday I went to the pub with some of my coursemates after the last course day. The two women at the window were too concentrated in their conversation to notice me drawing them.

Royal Albert Hall: in my opinion, the best place in the world for concerts. Unfortunately there weren't any concert I wanted to see, so I stayed outside in the evening, sketching and running against the time... Fortunately I could "finish" it before it got dark. 

Neals Yard, yes, again. I just love this small spot. Like always it rained a bit, but these lovely houses remained colourful.

This building from the great architect Norman Foster was quite near to my accomodation. It's called 30 St Mary Axe, but widely known informally as The Gherkin (previously as the Swiss Re Building). With so many buildings around it was almost impossible to find a place where I could see the whole Gherkin! The statue-doll looking like "Alice in the Wonderland" was a funny contast... 

The London Bridge was also quite near to the accomodation, so even so touristy, I couldn't avoid sketching it in my last evening in town. With the red bus.

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