Bretagne: Pont Aven to Concarneau

As new expats in Geneva, we are always on the lookout for a new destination to visit on a long weekend. When my husband's colleague generously offered to loan us his summer home in Bretagne, we booked a cheap EasyJet flight, hopped off to Nantes, and two hours' drive later, we were at this lovely home, bursting with beautiful flowers, apple trees, and country house charm.

I could've happily spent the whole weekend just letting the kids play outside while sketching various views of the property, but this little corner of Bretagne offered plenty more for my sketchbook itch.

We returned to Plage de Manec'h a few times, for some beach-sitting, sailing, kayaking, and one day to rent a motorboat to explore the nearby islands.

Speaking of islands, out in the Isles of Glenan, the Atlantic was an incredible shade of blue-green.

In the quaint town of Pont Aven, chock-full of cute cafes, art galleries, and shops, my 10-year old daughter finally decided to get a haircut, so I had some time to sketch a few views around the river.

Including a public WC with the most beautiful setting I've ever seen:

In the ville close of Concarneau, my husband and kids visited the Museum de Peche, close to the walled city gate, while I drew the view across the street, and a few interesting things in  the atrium of the museum. I thought we'd have lunch at the restaurant with the blue awning, but my kids had other plans (um, crepes, of course).


We visited a different beach every day, where the kids spent hours jumping in and out of the water, stalking and "taking care" of various crabs and molluscs (always quickly repatriated), and building their collections of lovely beachy treasures. Each member of the family had their favorite beach, but this one was mine; in addition to the lovely blue water and gorgeous rocks that littered the beach, it's also a quick walk to a one-star Michelin restaurant. Another awesome thing: it's called "Plage de Tahiti".

All that beach air and running around meant I had a lot of morning time to draw and paint while the kids slept in. I went to the nearby town of Nevez one morning intending to sketch the cathedral, only to find that it was market day in the square:

And to cap off our last day, my favorite meal (of many delicious meals) of the trip. Also found that it's hard to draw and eat at the same time :) I have to admit that this one was not sketched immediately on the spot (sorry, USK), but I think I have a solid excuse:

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  1. Bravo! I'm looking to go à la Bretagne in the hopefully near future.



    1. Thanks, Boris! I feel like I only very lightly scratched the surface of beautiful Bretagne - I'll definitely be back there again soon! Best, Empi

  2. I can almost feel the coastal breezes while looking through these. And even more impressive you fit this in between taking care of the kids! Great job!

  3. Thanks for the virtual trip. I feel as though I was there with you thanks to these beautiful sketches!

  4. Very impressive sketches and travelogue. I feel like I am right there. Keep on sketching and posting. I'm always waiting for the next one.

  5. I love it...I am born near to the north sea and I miss the mussels.

  6. I love it...I am born near to the north sea and I miss the mussels.