Niklausenplatz, SH

I have just returned from the 4th International Urban Sketching Symposium, which was fantastic but did not quite go the way I would have liked it to.
Early on, I just did not feel well, sleep well, and eventually I needed to stay in bed because of a fever. So, I might devote a blog post to the Symposium, but if I dont - that is the reason and I hope you understand. I attended the workshops I wanted to take (except two), and I am incredibly grateful in spite of all that didn't go according to plan. 

With all that new knowledge and understanding that I could gain over those three days, I ventured out  in my neighbourhood today to do a sketch and apply some of what I learned.

It was a lovely sunny evening and I thought I had picked a really nice spot to settle down for a while to sketch, but soon all sorts of bugs were crawling on my arms and legs, and there was no way I could avoid them.
Thankfully I was distracted enough by the "Words" episode from Radiolab, a podcast that James Gurney recently shared as one of the things he listens to during work. I have listened to a couple of episodes from that podcast, and it's highly informative and entertaining at the same time. "Words" was especially interesting from a linguistic point of view, which is what I studied at unversity. 
So there, go and listen to it! :-)

I used 3 Daniel Smith watercolor tube colors: Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson and Aureolin Yellow and a A4 Moleskine watercolor sketchbook.


  1. Wie ich schon auf Deinem Blog geschrieben habe: toller Einsatz von unterschiedlich starken Farb- und Helligkeitskontrasten, man spürt die BCN Einflüsse :-)

  2. Hi monbaum, you got a great sketch due to the reduction to three colours and their perfect use.

  3. Ach, tröst flachliegen wenn man am liebsten losrennen möchte. Trost von der Tine...aber wenn ich das so sehe...dann ist doch alles gut, ich mag die gelungenen Tonwertstufen

  4. Such a shame you weren't feeling well, but I see you've picked up some good tips from fellow sketchers. The limited pallette is always fun to use. You learn so much about each color. Well done.

  5. Die sommerliche Stimmung ist Dir super gelungen. Sehr schönes Aquarell!