Covent Garden, a lively spot in London

One of my favourites places in London is the Covent Garden area. Actually it is my favourite place in London. Beides theaters one find some special corners, alternative bars and restaurants, nice stores and very often cultural events. 

Neals Yard is an absolutely charming small alley in Covent Garden with pretty colorful houses. One of them is a store for great natural products, called Neal's Yard Remedies. 

The Denmark Street can be considered a historical place in London, at least when talking about music, more specific rock. For me a kind of time machine to the time when my favourite bands were popular. At the Regent Sounds had Rollings Stones recoreded their first album. Beatles had also recorded part of the Sargent Peppers there. Many other famous bands like The Who, the Kinks, the Yardbirs, Black Sabbath and so had been there too. Nowadays is another store more popular, the Hanks, this pretty red house here:

On Saturday was Covent Garden even more lively with the event "Spotlight: a free one day music, arts and comedy festival". On the Monmounth Street flowers were given, flags decorated the ways, good music were been playing, people were happy and I sit on a bench to sketch it.

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