Sketchcrawl Foundation Beyeler, Basel

It was great at Foundation Beyeler last Saturday. And especially I enjoyed to see some sketchers I haven't met in person so far. As Javier has already explained in his post, it was more a family event and we had lot's of kids participating in our workshop. And I learned how most adults felt inhibited when it comes to drawing (especially in public) and how we as sketchers seem to be rather an exception. Kids didn't really care, so a lot of them gave it a try and they were sketching in front of the Kunsthaum Riehen, where we had set up our workshop tables while there were urban sketchers in the park and even in the museum as part of the sketchcrawl.

The event team at Foundation Beyeler did a great job – everything was well prepared. So thanks a lot for inviting us!


  1. Ja, bis auf das eher unsommerliche Wetter ein sehr gelungener Anlass! Herzlichen Dank für's Organisieren!

  2. ich habe gehört, am 17. Oktober in Aarau soll es eitlen Sonnenschein geben :-)

  3. Unglücklicherweise weiss ich, dass ich am 17. Oktober ziemlich sicher nicht kommen kann...
    Das gute Wetter mag ich euch aber trotzdem gönnen.