Winter break in Brazil - Paraty and Ubatuba

Almost every year I return to Brazil to spend the Christmas holidays at the beach. I know, Christmas time doesn't fit with summer and beach, but that's the Christmas I always had here, with plastic pine tree covered with plastic snow. And I love this winter break.

The view from the boat at the Paraty seaside.
Unfortunately I didn't know the Urban Sketchers yet as the 5th Symposium in 2014 took place in Paraty. What a frustation I had as I found it out! I come to Paraty every year, I never get tired to see and photograph this lovely colonial town. As a small compensation I went to Paraty to draw there, fighting against the heat (36 degrees) and the mosquitoes. A friend of mine from Switzerland, Oliver Sprenger, was also there to make his first "urban sketching"!


That's the traditional scene that repeats ever year: my mom in the kitchen preparing the Christmas dinner, turkey. I tried to draw it inside the oven, but it was impossible. Sad.
Here is the view to the garden. The family was preparing a "churrasco" (Brazilian barbecue) while I was sketching it with a ventilator beside me.
 View to the beach "Lagoinha".
Another view to the garden. That's my mom again taking care of the plants. 


  1. Tolle Landschaften. Mir gefällt das letzte Bild, der Garten mit den Blättern im Vordergrund besonders.

  2. yes, Paraty... I missed it as well, so thank you for these impressions!

  3. Nice recount. I like when your pointillism shows through. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're right, I should try more "my pointllism" in my sketches! I'm too used to oil paintings and the technique in watercolour is still a challenge!