First week wrap up

It wasn't easy to find time to sketch last week, but I finally managed to do it almost every day. For now my goal is to develop a "sketching-routine" without worrying much about the style and the location. I focus on basic things, like getting the perspective and the proportions right. Hopefully once that works I will be able to be more selective with the location and try new things.

Sunday (8th). I had to work a couple of hours. I stopped on my way to the office for a quick sketch, that ended up being not-so-quick.

Monday. I traveld to meet one of my clients and got into the train seven minutes before departure. I often use that time to sketch. It's a great exercise for those who, like me, tend to get lost in the details.

On my way back I tried to make a sketch of the train station but messed it all up really quick.

Tuesday. I started this at around 8pm and had to stop because it got dark. It's an old house in Allschwil. Allschwil is a neighbour town, which is gradually being annexed by Basel. I colored it at home.

Wednesday. Stadion Schützenmatte

Friday. Again a house (a "Biergarten" actually) in Allschwil, although this one is exactly at the border with Basel.

Sunday. And still one more random location in Allschwil. To my defense I can say Allschwil is in Basel-Country, the half-canton that surrounds Basel city, and thus falls within the scope of the blog.

By the way, welcome to the blog Jamie!

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