Hello fellow sketchers

Urban Sketchers has been a source of inspiration since I first discovered it, so when Rob and Boris invited me to join them in starting the Basel Blog, I didn't hesitate for a second. Thanks to their diligence and Gabi's speedy help, we had the blog up and running in three days. Now comes the challenge of feeding it with sketches on a regular basis. For me that means avoiding all kinds of perfectionism and just having fun sharing and learning from the others. So here we go...

To put some color in our (until now) rather monochromatic blog, a sketch I did some days ago of a street close to Schützenmattpark, one of the biggest parks in Basel.

And a quick one I did today during an evening walk. Basel is full of bicycles – specially in spring and summer – and I love them, so they'll probably be in many of my sketches.