38th Worldwide Sketchcrawl

On January 19th, I went to Berne for a lot of sketching with a lot of other Swiss sketchers. Boy, there were much more than I expected, we must have been about 25!

It was a lovely but very cold and wintry day with so much creativity flowing between us all, it was quite mind-boggling. 
I caught the train home earlier than the others because I was looking at a 2.5 h trip back, so I did not get to be in the group photo shot at the end of the day (I am pretty sure there was one). It was fantastic to be part of it though and I am looking forward to the next time when it will be warmer as well.

Here we met at the Bundeshaus, astonished at the size of our group:

From there we went on to the Markthalle.

The Markthalle will soon be closed down for renovation. All the little restaurants and shops will have to relocate. The Indian restaurant had very nice food by the way.

I ordered the tea for the intricate tea pot design, not for the tea itself.
I just can't get warmed up towards green tea.

To find shelter from the winter outside, we went to the Museum of Natural History in Bern.

I will need to visit again, there's lots of great stuff and I only was on the ground floor.

One day I would really like to draw or paint this bird in color - it's like a glowing rainbow!

Before you ask - the rhino was exhibited with wooden plates instead of horns. 

Final sketch, the only one of a fellow Urban Sketcher.
Next time I will be more ruthless with sketching the people I am with ;-)


  1. Nice chronicle of the day. I hope I wasn't too ruthless sketching you during lunch ; )

  2. Great post! You did many good sketches. Looking forward to next time.

  3. Lovely sketches ! I dig that tea pot!

  4. Really great skteches :) !!! Looking forward to the next sketchcrawl!!