Munot Tower

As I was leaving from Pilates, I had 10 minutes at the bus stop with a view of the Munot Tower.

I whipped out the Mini-Moleskine and the 0.05 Pigma Micron I still had in my bag from last Saturday's sketchcrawl and completely messed up the perspective of the tower roof.

Also, I must say it is quite unsatisfying when getting the image converted into a bloggable file of pretty data takes more time than than making the image itself.

I am just thankful that I can at least paint the sky from memory. ;-)

PS: I need to reread Perspective for Artists again, it explained the perspective of turret roofs so well.


  1. Hi monbaum,
    I like your very own perspective of the turret roof!
    It is very individual and atractive to me.

  2. Sehr schön! Ich mag diese Eine-Farbe-Anwendung!

    Viele liebe Grüsse