More from Rockport

We enjoyed a short and very exciting time on the coast of Cape Ann.  Main Steet has many cool buildings to draw, one of which is the Italian hangout St. Peter's

Evenings were long, sunset already at 4:15!

And then came the blizzard storm that lasted 2 days.  It brought much snow, icy cold and HIGH waves.  Very scarey!

These waves almost came into the house!  The power of nature always amazes me! Interesting to see the summer place in a different season. 



  1. … very dramatic sketches and in the lively way of painting very fresh … I can almost hear the roaring waves and feel the wind scratching my face - thanks for sharing, Maria!

  2. Hi Maria, you invited me right into the place and made me feel the storm and the wild sea, thanks!

  3. Sehr eindrücklich, Dein Reisetagebuch! Es ist toll, dass wir so die Stimmung auch miterleben dürfen.