Travelling and sketching in Andalusia

It’s really cool to sketch while travelling. I get much more from the place I am, once I take much more attention in the details than just taking pictures. Besides, it's a lot of fun to see people curious to see what you're doing. Some people just come and see, sometimes they also start to talk, what is most of times very nice. Others prefer to walk by without stopping. It's really very funny!

Sketching these amazing Andalusian buildings is however a huge challenge - it's impossible to ignore all the meticulous work the Arabian once had. It's really frustating, but obvious frustating. I hope not to offend the beauty of the Islamic Art doing such a "reduced" illustration! ;-)

That's in the incledible beautiful Alhambra in Granada. This place is for sure one of the most beautiful places I've been. 

This is a corner in the Arab Quarter in Granada. This quarter is full of such special places. I couldn't avoid to stop and registrate it.

This "Mezquita"(mosque) is also in Granada, still in the Arab Qauarter. This kind of fountaine in an octogone is very typical in the Arab areas.

Again in the interesting Arab Quarter, this time just a fast sketch.

View to the Alhambra (Alcazar) from the street, in Granada.

This is inside the most famous mosque of Andalusia, in Córdoba. These red-and-white arcs are unique. I needed a lot of concentration to don't loose an arc in my sketch! I still think it's missing an arc...

That's me "at work" in the mosque.

Also in the mosque, trying to draw one of the symbols. I gave up quite quickly as you can see on the paper!

The mosque from outside. Again lots of details - again trying to reduce the details so much as possible!

That's a typical Andalusian building in Jerez de la Frontera. Even in a such building one can find details that can't be ignored...

Another wonderful building in Andalusian, the Real Alcazar, in Sevilla. Like in Alhambra, the buildings in Real Alcazar are a great example of Islamic Art. That means: a lot of meticulous details, what makes these places so incredible beautiful and special.

 Plaza de España, a huge building, still with some arabian style. And a lot of "azulejos" (ceramic).

"La Tradocional", a Tapas-Bar in Sevilla. The "Jambon" (ham) is usually hanged somewhere around the bar. A horror view for a person who don't eat meat...

Unfinished sketch from another tapas-bar. 

In Sevilla there's a very nice and beautiful market called "Mercado de Triana". Everywhere in Andalusia one can see the name of the streets or buildings written on "azulejos" (ceramic), but I didn't expect to see it also in a food market! 
I love to draw and paint markets, they are so colourful! But full of (again) details... 


  1. Sehr schönes Reisetagebuch, mit viel Liebe zum Detail - viel besser als abknipsen!
    Am besten gefällt mir die Ansicht der Plaza de España.

    1. Danke Olivia! :-) Lustig, als ich die Plaza de España beendet habe, fand ich die Skizze nicht wirklich toll - ich wollte nicht einmal posten! :-P

  2. Super Bericht über eine sehr interessante Reise! Diese Sketchbook bleibt sicher bestens in Erinnerung!

    1. Merci Maria! Skizzen sind super, um einen Ort in Gedächnis einzuprägen!

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