Sommerfest Fondation Beyeler

Our workshop at the Fondation Beyeler turned out to be mainly a kids event. Even though I often draw with my daughter it was interesting to see how children reacted to the idea of drawing from observation. At first they tended to draw from their imagination, but when asked, they all switched pretty easily and seemed to enjoy it. The seed for the next generation of urban sketchers is planted...

Apart from that, it was great to meet the many 'senior' Urbar Sketchers that attended the Sketchcrawl, and in between I could get a glimpse of the cool party that the people of the Fondation Beyeler had put together. Very nice people to work with.

I would have liked to draw too, but all I managed to do was a couple of quick sketcher of our visitors in action.

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  1. in der Kürze lebt die Würze...oder: jede Zeichnung eine Perle!