Last days of the holidays, Paraty and Ubatuba

I didn't have enough and I still don't have enough of Paraty. One week after my last visit I've decided to go there again early morning and just sit somewhere to capture the moment. 
It was hot but enjoyably windy and an artist from a house behind me was listening to Ray Charles while he was working. It was just perfect.

This is a store in Paraty by the quayside that since decades sells colourful hammocks. I love to paint these colours, as you also can see in an oil painting I did exactly eleven years ago. @ Javier: with "my pointllism"! ;-)

Here is the beach near to my parents' house called "Lagoinha", what means "small lake", just because it hasn't much waves.

Here is a view from the garden to the house. The sea is a bit far behind the house. 
This flower called Alpinia purpurata is one of my favourite flowers. It belongs to the ginger family. Once in Bali I've found out that one can get a powder from its roots to make a tea that tastes exactly like a normal ginger tea. I still didn't try to do this yet! Maybe next holiday...


  1. schöne, luftige Stimmungsbilder und Details!

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