Sayonara Japan

Three weeks in Japan is not enough for this exciting country. There is so much to see - and so much to draw!

 The famous pedestrian crossing in Shibuya, Tokyo.

 The Golden Pavilion in Kyoto is worth visiting, even with the whole crowd. There is a small teahouse, where you can relax and get a cookie with a gold leaf on it.

 The typical powerlines and my favourite coffee shop in Kyoto.

 You can often watch how your food is prepared.

 The museum in Hiroshima was crowded with groups of school children.


  1. Spannend! Schön, dass du Zeit zum zeichnen gefunden hast. Bei Reisen komme ich in der Regel kaum dazu.

  2. Sehr authentische Japan-Eindrücke, lässig!

  3. Super! Oh wie gerne wäre ich dabei.