Research for "Art stories from along the way": Lithografische Anstalt J. E. Wolfensberger

Maybe I'm wrong, but I believe that even Andy Warhol printed at the "Lithographische Anstalt J. E. Wolfensberger" in Zurich. Many artists have printed and still print with this company though at a different location. This original building "Zum Wolfsberg" used to have a gallery in it with exhibitions. Back in the early days my grandfather, Ernst Heller, was studying painting at the "Böcklin painting school". He had the chance to exhibit a few of his works there and due to that the patron of Ferdinand Hodler offered to pay his education in Berlin.

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  1. schönes Gebäude, I know. Und die Litho-Plakate meines Grafiker-Gotts Emil Cardinaux wurde auch dort gedruckt...