Abgesagt: Sonntag, 24.1.2021. USk Dreiländereck. Skulpturenhalle Basel

Datum: Sonntag, 24. Januar 2021

Treffpunkt: Skulpturenhalle Basel

Zeit: 13:00 Uhr

Die Skulpturenhalle ist im Winter ein bewährter Ort zum Zeichnen. Hier empfiehlt sich ebenfalls ein Picknick. Soweit ich weiss gibt es dort nur Kaffee.

Keine Anmeldung nötig, der Anlass ist kostenlos und für alle offen.

Weitere Informationen unter: https://urbansketchersdreilaendereck.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html


Dear sketch friends!

The coronavirus pandemic won't let us go. As sad as this is, we have to cancel the meeting planned on 24.01. at the sculpture hall in Basel.
Instead of the meeting in Basel, we suggest a drawing view into the not so beautiful, representative realms of our own four walls. Imke got this idea, means drawing an angle in your own four walls that you wouldn't otherwise draw like the sink in the bathroom, the electric meter, the main tap, a stuffed shelf in the basement or something else you've always had. would clean up once. How about that?
I thought the idea was very good, we had a similar project with the meeting at the freight yard / loading point (variety to picturesque beautiful motifs...), and it was a success! Time and again you find corners that are worth sketching.
Still important: observe the manifesto / guidelines, please do not use a photo as a basis!
Then post on our Facebook page, or send it to Bernard Gabard (bgabard16@gmail.com), he will post the sketch on FB and blog.

We hope everyone is healthy and finds time to draw and sketch despite everything.

Kind regards to all

Your 4 admins

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